New for 2016 – The Podimore Points Race

Announcing the 2016 Podimore Points Race!

Every shooter that competes in one of our competitions this year (at Full Competition entry price) will be in the running to win points at each shoot. The Top 3 places in each class will win points as detailed below.

1st place (or 1st equal) receives 3 points (or 3 points each)
2nd place (or 2nd equal) receives 2 points (or 2 points each)
3rd place (or 3rd equal) receives 1 point (or 1 point each)

Points will be awarded for Registered events and any other shoot that has a High Gun Prize attached to it eg SuperSporting, Nearly Al Sheba, Sportrap & FITASC. To score points a shooter must have paid full competition entry price.

If a shooter goes up a class they take their points with them, as they do if they go down a class. A shooters final position in the Points Race will be based upon the Class they are in at that point regardless of what Class they were in at the beginning of the year.

Top 5 point scorers in each class including ties will be invited to compete during the last shoot of 2016 for a £100 Class Prize (AA, A, B & C) though will be responsible for their own entry fees.

The winners in each of those classes will then be invited to compete in the first shoot in January (paying their own entry fees) with a handicap applied to give any of the four a fair chance of winning. That handicap will be decided by an impartial Jury and the Class Handicap will then be locked away until the scores are in at the end of the shoot. The winning shooter will take home a £200 cash prize.

None of the above will preclude anyone from winning either High Gun or Class cash prizes at the last shoot of 2016 or first shoot of 2017.

Current Standings

AA Class points
3 N Hart
3 A Moon
3 C Childerhouse
2 S Trout
1 M Fletcher

A Class points
3 J Brown
2 J Waters
2 O Beard
1 S Babbage

B Class points
3 M Legge
2 E Stacey
2 E Kelly
1 J Symes

C Class points
3 D Packham
2 L Thomas
1 D Yates

Standings will be updated after each qualifying event.

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