Double Barrelled Clay Shooting creates new shooting discipline

Many shooters are familiar with the “All Round” discipline which consists of Sporting, DTL and Skeet. However many fans of Sporting prefer not to shoot Skeet or DTL. Therefore on the 27th July we will have the worlds first “Sporting All Round” shoot at Podimore.

It will consist of :-

25 Sportrap (5 Shooting positions in a row using 5 traps)

25 Five Stand (American version of Sportrap but with 8 traps instead of 5)

26 SuperSporting (3 stands using menus of 3 traps)

24 English Sporting (3 stands of 8 targets from 2 traps)

To be part of this exciting new discipline contact us to book in, spaces are limited, the event will be shot in squads with start times of either 10am, 12pm or 2pm.

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