Big Changes at Podimore

Following on from the change of management there has been a sizeable investment to improve the facilities on offer.  As shooters we know what we want to see when we go to a Shooting Ground so have endeavoured to bring the facilities up to a higher standard.

The Clubhouse has been modernised and improved to make it a warm and welcoming environment, while out on the ground several new shooting positions have been introduced that offer a greater degree of versatility when it comes to presenting targets. In addition several hundred metres of Grass re-inforcing mesh have been laid to make it a nicer place to be in the wetter months while every shooting position now has a firm stable base upon which to stand. A new toilet block has been installed and the track has been improved thanks to the laying of several tonnes of Tarmac. Its the little things in life that make a difference so we have painted all the cages and gun racks which had previously looked a little tatty and added raised platforms on each stand so that shooters have somewhere clean and dry to put their range bags and gunslips while they are shooting.

An Air Rifle range with some 20 knockdown targets has also been opened with Firing Points being inside a covered building.

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