A Sport for all

Clay Target Shooting is something that everyone can enjoy.  Male or Female, Young or Old can all enjoy this exhilarating Sport.  A common misconception is that shotguns produce “Fierce” recoil which can bruise the unwary; however if the gun fits you correctly and you are taught how to hold it correctly recoil need not be an issue and its quite possible to fire several hundred cartridges in a day without suffering any ill effects.

There are several calibres of shotgun such as .410, 28 bore, 20 Bore, 16 Bore and 12 bore, though somewhat confusingly to the uninitiated the smaller the number the bigger the “bore” of the gun. Most youngsters and Ladies start out with a 20 bore while the 12 bore is the most commonly used.

Several types of gun can be used, the traditional side by side is less common today and has been overtaken in popularity by the Over & Under which is the gun of choice for most shooters today. Semi Automatics use gas from a fired shell to reload the gun though it is not a “machine gun” as the trigger has to be pulled each time to fire a cartridge and when clay shooting only 2 cartridges would normally be loaded. The Semi-Auto is though a good choice for some who are particularly sensitive to recoil as its gas operated mechanism makes it feel very soft on the shoulder.